Image capture intervalevery 15, 30 seconds / 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes
ResolutionFull HD resolution for rendered videos. 640 x 480px limit in live time-lapse player.
Playback speedtime-lapse player: 5, 10, 15, 25 frames per second.
TimerSet fixed time range to capture the images from your webcam.
Sunrise/sunset timerCalculation of sunrise/sunset for your location by geo-position. i.e. to only use day content for webcams with bad night vision.
WidgetsLinked current (updating) image, linked animated gif (of the last 5 frames), latest video (iframe), time-lapse view player (iframe).
Custom playback range (i.e. last 6 hours...), custom iframe and images size (scaled in browser).

Features & Plans

Live time-lapse view player
Embeddable Widgets
Image branding removed  
Week / month / year time-lapse view  
Video downloads 1 
VideoJS video player  
Webcam status monitoring2 
Text overlays & Timestamp  
FTP Upload  
Private webcams3  
Raw image export   
soon Streamingstreaming plan

1) Previous days only; H.264 coded video is rendered at end of day (your timezone). Filetypes: mp4, webm, ogg

2) Login required for time-lapse view of your webcam. Webcam not listed in 'Webcams & Videos' section.

3) Receive an email when your webcam URL is unreachable or image is not changing.