Exporting your image and video data

We archive all the image data your webcam sends to us – up to 60 days, depending on your plan. After that time, only few images are kept for the yearly time-lapse views.

If you want to archive data for longer periods for yourself, we've got you covered with these exports:

ZIP archive download

Request a zip archive of your webcam images from your logged in dashboard at any time. We will send you the download link a few minutes later.

YouTube integration

Set up your own time-lapse channel in YouTube and start the automatic daily export of your rendered time-lapse videos.

You can also export your created clips directly to YouTube to showcase your best time-lapse videos.

Dropbox integration (soon)

The automatic Dropbox export sends images received from your webcam directly to your connected Dropbox account folder.

Images appear a few seconds later, depending on transfer speed.

By using the Dropbox export with your IP camera and FTP upload, you virtually create a FTP to Dropbox connection.