Increase traffic

Attract more visitors to your website by adding live video content of your location or project and improve search engine ranking.

Encourage visitors

Increase the time visitors remain on your site by providing an interesting view of your location. Add the live time-lapse player to show the full day in 1-2 minutes.

Save Costs

Cloud service with fixed monthly pricing. No need for a dedicated server and special software. Minimize connections to your camera and save bandwidth.

Showcase your location or project

Engage viewers by showing what is happening right now at your location.
Show the last hours of your great view compressed to seconds in time-lapse.

time-lapse for tourism

for tourism

If you have a great view, a webcam can be a perfect addition for your website. Popular examples include: ski resorts, mountain cams, tourist hotspots, city and scenic views.

Build up your website traffic and encourage repeat visitors!

time-lapse for construction monitoring

for project monitoring

Monitor your construction project and share progress by upload to a public or private YouTube channel automatically.

Show long-term progress using the week/month/year view and create time-lapse video clips.

Export files for archiving.

time-lapse for weather webcams

for weather webcams

Share your local weather view and watch weather developing in time-lapse.
Export ranges from the time-lapse view as clips and share them on social networks.
Add data from your weather station into each webcam image of the time-lapse video.

Give your potential customers access to your business with a live stream. We connect to your camera stream and copy or transcode it to YouTube Live or other services.

  • Transcoding for MxPEG, MJPEG, H.265 streams
  • Automatic restart/reconnect on error
  • Only one connection to your camera required
  • Embed the YouTube player into your website
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Always up-to-date time-lapse view for your customers and for monitoring. With automatic upload of daily time-lapse videos to your YouTube channel.

  • Image hosting
  • Live time-lapse player for your website
  • Automatic exports of generated videos
  • Image fetching from any URL
  • Supports FTP image upload
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Connect your IP camera

Just set up your network camera and the internet connection. We support these connection methods:

HTTP/RTSP connection (pull)

We connect to the camera stream and copy or transcode it to YouTube Live (live streaming). For time-lapse, we pull the images from any given URL.

time-lapse webcam example

FTP image upload (push)

Use FTP upload in your IP camera to reliably send the images for time-lapse. This is recommended for low bandwidth and mobile connections.

What our customers are saying

We have been able to capture incredible timelapses to tell the story of New Zealand's changing weather. We have seen fires, fog, storms and snow pass in front of the cameras. From this we have had hundreds of thousands of views on social media and our videos regularly make traditional national news media.

NIWA Weather

(also see time-lapse showcase)

Try it for your camera or

Test all features during the 7-day LIVE+ plan trial. After that, you are moved to our free plan automatically. No credit card required.

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