Stream restart problems with new YouTube interface

With recent changes to YouTube Studio interface (and removing the classic Studio interface), the stream ingestion seems to have changed. If you used the old "Stream Now" or the new (dark) "Stream Tab", you probably need to change stream setup in YouTube to still use 24/7 streaming.

How to stream your IP camera to Twitch

Twitch is popular for video game live streaming, but can also host other kinds of streams, i.e. "in real life" streams have become popular in the recent years.

Set up your IP camera with and send the your live stream to Twitch, embed it into your website or simply use the community features on Twitch to share it.

How to stream your IP camera to Facebook Live

With Facebook Live, there is a simple to set up and free service to host your IP camera live stream and embed it into your website (and also show it in your facebook timeline).

Multiple YouTube Live streams

With YouTube Stream Now, you can only have one live stream per account. In this post we will show how to set up the YouTube Events to use multiple live streams for your IP cameras in one account.

Time-lapse clips

With time-lapse clips you can create great time-lapse recordings of your location to show to your site visitors.

How to stream Mobotix MxPEG to YouTube Live

If your Mobotix camera does not support H.264, you can still use the MxPEG video encoding to have some advantages compared to MJPEG, like lower bandwidth usage and more motion detail.

How to embed a YouTube Live stream into your website

This is a collection of tips to embed your working YouTube Live stream into your website:

How to stream MJPEG to YouTube Live

YouTube Live only allows H.264 encoded video stream for RTMP input. So if you want to stream your (old) IP camera, only supporting MJPEG video streams, you have to transcode your video stream to a format YouTube accepts.

Tutorial: Stream your IP camera to YouTube Live

By sending your IP camera’s video stream to YouTube and integrating the player into your website, you can create a reliable 24/7 live view for an almost unlimited number of users.

Automatic YouTube export

With the automatic export, rendered time-lapse videos for your webcam are sent to your YouTube® channel automatically.