Time-lapse camera setup

To set up the time-lapse feature, please choose a way to regularly transfer the still images.

We recommend FTP upload for stability and ease of setup (no port-forwarding, DynDNS required). Also your camera does not need to be accessible from the outside (security).

FTP upload

Your IP camera sends the current image via FTP (sometimes hidden in ‘schedule’ or ‘motion/alert’ setup menus of the firmware). Also see FTP-Upload Howto for setup steps.

Pulling from an URL

We fetch the current camera image from this URL.

The URL can be the “current image URL” of the camera. This probably requires setup of dyndns/port-forwarding to connect to your IP camera (local network adresses like 192.168.X.X will not work!)

The URL can also be from an automatically updating image on your website or server. It does not matter as long as it is updated regularly.

Note: this only works for single jpg images - not mjpeg streams.


How do I connect my USB desktop camera ?

You can use FTP Upload tools for your operating system to capture and upload the current image. Some examples are: yawcam or tincam.

Then see FTP-Upload howto (Step 1) to get your FTP credentials and set your software to an upload schedule matching your ‘snapshots per day’ interval setting.