Multiple cameras

multiple live streaming cameras

To order multiple cameras on initial checkout, please use the Qty. field in the checkout dialog to select the number of LIVE(+) plans you need.

If you need more than 5 cameras, please contact us before checkout to get a quote.

Also to upgrade or downgrade your plan later.

multiple time-lapse cameras

The number of active time-lapse camera entries is only limited by the sum of snapshots per day that are included in your plan. (And there is also a fixed limit of 25 cameras – please contact us if you need more entries)

Note: Snapshots per day are checked when creating/changing the entry. So when using the sunrise-to-sunset timer, snapshots per day is simplified to half of the full day snapshots (1440 with 1 minute interval will be 720 calculated when using the sunrise/sunset timer).

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