Clip videos & YouTube export

today we improved the clips feature to make it more useful:

There are downloadable video files now for every clip and there is a YouTube® upload, so created clips can be exported in a simple way.

If you did not use the clip feature yet: you can mark a part from your current time-lapse view to be saved as a clip. I.e. to highlight a special sunrise or weather condition.

Clips are linked on your webcam page. The clip page can be shared in social networks (clips are not deleted).

Learn how to create a time-lapse clip

Also new:

  • Clips can be created from private webcams now. The clips are not listed anywhere on our site (like the private webcams) and the uploaded YouTube video is set to ‘private’ automatically.
  • You can create clips up to 1 day long now (we are working on export for the week/month/year ranges).
  • The clip frame rate (fps) can be changed later and the video is recreated.

Dynamic text overlays

Until now, displaying temperature data in your webcam images (or other changing information) required the setup of another image processing step in your workflow.

With the new dynamic text overlays you can change texts for every image by calling our API (push mode) or by setting up a website with text data (pull mode).

Live streaming (beta)

Upcoming feature: Live streaming – create a 24/7 live stream only using your IP camera. We connect to your camera and stream the live video to YouTube.