Automatic YouTube export

With the automatic export, rendered time-lapse videos for your webcam are sent to your YouTube® channel automatically.

This enables you to create a daily updating playlist for each of your webcams for archiving and to embed the YouTube playlist on your website.

Step 1: Authorize YouTube access

To upload to YouTube, our servers need your permission (you can revoke permissions at any time in your privacy settings in YouTube).

Go to your Dashboard -> Integrations and click the Authorize/Re-Authorize button in the YouTube section.


  • Please re-authorize, if you already used the YouTube upload from – we changed the permissions.
  • To use playlists we need the account manage privileges, the upload permission is not enough.

Step 2: enable the upload

To enable automatic upload for one of your webcams, edit the webcam from the Dashboard -> Webcams list, go to Export section as shown in the screenshot below, and enable the uploads and playlist names you like.

export settings

Non-existing playlists will be created.

Step 3: perform manual upload (test)

Go one of your webcam pages. Upload a rendered video with the Upload to YouTube button in Video files section (only visible if you are logged in AND on your own webcam page).

The same button is available on the clips pages for your webcams.

Your video should appear in your YouTube channel after a few minutes. Videos (and also the playlists if created new) will be set to private for private webcams.

This is only a test, but you can also use it to add older videos to your playlist. Hint: if you want to add a lot of videos, better go to Dashboard -> Videos, filter by webcam name (search field) and press the YouTube upload button for each video.

Step 4: embed the playlist into your website

In YouTube: Go to your playlist in the left menu bar, click Share -> Embed and copy the HTML code for the iframe. Paste it into your website code. Done.

This is an example of the embedded turtle cam playlist:

If you enabled the automatic upload in Step 2, a new videos will be added around midnight each day.

Have fun!

Live streaming (beta)

Upcoming feature: Live streaming – create a 24/7 live stream only using your IP camera. We connect to your camera and stream the live video to YouTube.

Tutorial: Stream your IP camera to YouTube Live

By sending your IP camera’s video stream to YouTube and integrating the player into your website, you can create a reliable 24/7 live view for an almost unlimited number of users.