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You can select the time ranges for the widget to display, including the sunrise / sunset related ranges.

There is the custom range for special cases. The range fields can be used to show a time range relative to now (“yesterday”, “1 day ago”, “50 minutes ago” …), to use a specific time (“10:03”, “6:31am”) or to use weekdays (“last week sunday 10:00”).

Some examples (‘from field’ - ‘to field’):

  • ‘yesterday 00:00’ - ‘today 23:59’
  • ‘last week sunday 10:00’ - ‘last week sunday 12:00’
  • ‘2 days ago’ - ‘now’
  • ‘12:00’ - ‘14:00’
  • ‘2015-01-02 05:00:00’ - ‘January 5 at 7pm’ (although, specific dates only make sense for a short time) ​


You can use multiple widgets on one page, i.e. ‘last sunrise’ and ‘last 3 hours view’ for the same webcam.

Ranges more than 2-3 days and a small capture interval might load VERY slow because of the large number of images to transfer.

For better widget/site integration you can disable controls & text below the image/video (basic plan+) and set the background color now.