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You can select the time ranges for the widget to display, including the sunrise / sunset related ranges.

There is the custom range for special cases. The range fields can be used to show a time range relative to now (“yesterday”, “1 day ago”, “50 minutes ago” …), to use a specific time (“10:03”, “6:31am”) or to use weekdays (“last week sunday 10:00”).

Some examples (‘from field’ - ‘to field’):

  • ‘yesterday 00:00’ - ‘today 23:59’
  • ‘last week sunday 10:00’ - ‘last week sunday 12:00’
  • ‘2 days ago’ - ‘now’
  • ‘12:00’ - ‘14:00’
  • ‘2015-01-02 05:00:00’ - ‘January 5 at 7pm’ (although, specific dates only make sense for a short time) ​


You can use multiple widgets on one page, i.e. ‘last sunrise’ and ‘last 3 hours view’ for the same webcam.

Ranges more than 2-3 days and a small capture interval might load VERY slow because of the large number of images to transfer.

For better widget/site integration you can disable controls & text below the image/video (basic plan+) and set the background color now.

Custom embed code

This is an example, embedding the iframe code directly, without the generated widget code.

<iframe scrolling="no" src="" width="680" height="620" frameborder="0"></iframe>


general height and width is set by iframe options width, height.

CAMERA-ID    ID of camera, see list in mywebcams
RANGE        playback range (optional), [15-minutes, 30-minutes, 1-hour, 3-hours, 6-hours, 12-hours, 24-hours, full-day, sunrise, sunset, day, night, week, month, year], also time range: "01:30/23:59"


embed       for iframe/embed usage, only show player and captions, default: 0
w           image width, sets HTML img tag options, no jpg scaling
h           image height. sets HTML img tag options, no jpg scaling
col         text color in hex value, i.e. A5A5A5
bc          backgroud color in hex value, i.e. A5A5A5
nc          hide controls and captions (only subscription accounts); 0: show, 1: hide
fps         playback speed, frames per second, [1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25]
repeat      repeat playback; 0: single run only, 1: loop; default: camera setting
delay_start delay at start of loop in seconds; default: camera setting
delay_end	delay at end of loop in seconds; default: camera settings