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Webcam monitoring


Time-lapse webcams fetching from an image URL are set to monitor for connection and image errors by default. After 3 failing fetch attempts (default), an email are sent to the login email address.

Errors can be connection error (connection refused, timeouts etc) and duplicate images.

You can enable/disable all monitoring mails or add other recipients in monitoring settings

Note: If images are regularly the same (duplicate error), this could also be a problem with the Interval setting beeing faster than the real image URL update (i.e. upload scripts on your server).

FTP upload monitoring

For now, the monitoring only works for URL image fetching, checking the connection.

With FTP-sent images the connection check does not work (as the FTP client initiates the connection). The monitoring here only checks for same images and broken images.

We are working on also monitoring FTP uploads, until then there is a workaround if you are using only a few number of cameras:

Workaround for FTP upload monitoring

The trick is to create another time-lapse webcam entry, fetching the image from the page of the camera to monitor (the one using the FTP upload).

So if the FTP upload stops and the image on that page does not update, there will be an email alert (triggered by the new webcam entry).


(this does not work with webcam settings “Advanced -> Login required”)