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Exporting images via FTP

An external FTP server can be used to store the time-lapse files when they are created. This can be clip videos and daily time-lapse videos and raw+converted images. Exporting images requires LIVE plan.

To set up FTP export, edit webcam settings from webcams list and go Exports section.

FTP server path

Files are uploaded to the root path by default in the these directories:

  • ‘/webcam_{id}_videos’ for videos and clips
  • ‘/webcam_{id}_images/{date}’ for converted image files
  • ‘/webcam_{id}_raw/{date}’ for raw image files

{id} and {date} are replaced

restrictions for custom path:

  • 3 directory levels only, other parts are ignored
  • non alphabetic/numeric chars can lead to failing upload


  • Files are uploaded on creation only. There is no sync for older files. These need to be exported by other methods
  • On failing uploads (i.e. FTP server down), uploading is retried only for a few hours
  • SFTP is not available


You can test upload by creating a clip for videos (or waiting for next image collect/upload).

If upload is not working:

  • check credentials (also for blanks)
  • try another FTP client with the same host/port/user/password settings in passive mode
  • check FTP server responds within a few seconds and is fast enough
  • contact us for debugging/logfile outputs if there are no errors in Dashboard