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Backup the time-lapse files

Please backup your images and videos regularly. This is especially important for long-term projects, i.e. construction.

With the images backed up at least every month, you can still use some external time-lapse software to create the time-lapse video in case everything goes wrong.

Export image files

The image files for time-lapse can be downloaded in zip archive format.

Go to the Image export menu and select camera and range you want the files exported for.

After a few minutes, you will receive an email with the temporary download link (expires after 24 hours).

Download videos

The daily video files can be downloaded in Videos menu.

And there are file download links when opening the clip or video through the webcam page.

Year time-lapse video

To create a new all-year video for download, create a clip:

  • go to the webcam page
  • select the all range
  • (optional: select another hour of playback and fps)
  • pause playback
  • move to the very first frame with the fast backward button
  • press in button (Clip controls)
  • move to the last frame with the fast forward button
  • press out button (Clip controls)
  • press create clip
  • wait a moment and refresh the page. The video download links will be shown when ready.

Also see Creating time-lapse video clips

Dropbox / YouTube export

Use automatic dropbox and YouTube export to export new images and video files when they are created. Export can’t be started for older image files – please download them as a zip file.

To upload older videos to YouTube, use the Videos menu. There is also an Upload to YouTube button on the video and clip page that you can access through the webcam page.
temporarily disabled due to YouTube upload limits for our YouTube API client

As a workaround, download video mp4 files and upload via browser to your YouTube account.