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Auto-delete YouTube live stream videos


YouTube automatically generates stream archive videos. It seems like this cannot be turned off and often leads to warnings about content violations like duplicate content. If these warnings are ignored, the live streaming permission will be revoked at some point.

Also see: Archive live streams, Restrictions on live streaming

We offer a workaround to reduce the risk by auto-deleting the archived videos from the YouTube Video Manager once per day.

1.) Authorize YouTube access

Our application needs permission to manage your YouTube videos. Please authorize YouTube access in Integrations setting

You can revoke access at any time in your google app permission settings. Our application will be listed as there.

2.) Activate auto-delete

Edit the webcam settings for your live stream webcam in, go to Advanced Settings on the right.

Fill in a search term. This should match the title of the archived videos - i.e. ‘stream now’. It does not only search for the title but also description and other fields, so a unique search term is recommended.

Important: if the string also matches other uploaded videos in your YouTube account, they will be deleted and this can not be undone!!!

To check the matching, go to the [Video Manager] and fill in the string in Search videos field on the right.

Check Enable auto-delete and save if you are sure about the matching.


  • The delete will run once per day around midnight (UTC)
  • Videos in state ‘Processing…’ cannot be deleted for now. Please delete them in YouTube Video Manager