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Live streaming FAQ

Why do I get local network IP error ?

Your live stream camera setup is using a local network address, which we cannot access from the internet.

Please set up portforwarding in your router (see to forward port 554 (rtsp) or 80 (http), 443 (https) to the cameras local network IP address.

(Probably you also need a dynamic DNS name (DDNS), if you don’t have a static IP address from your ISP.)

Then enter the outside IP address instead ( or the DDNS name.

Why is my stream not starting / restarting ?

Depending on your camera model it is possible that starting the stream will not work. You can see it in the status box with repeating ‘restarting’ entries. This is most likely because the input video format is not recognised. Please contact us for help.

If the connection to your camera is lost, it will restart automatically. If this does not work, please use the restart button in your dashboard -> webcams list.

Why is the stream not really ‘live’ ?

Because of processing latency in YouTube, there is always a delay of at least 15 seconds. Set your YouTube event to low latency.

Is there a bandwidth limit ?

There is a bandwidth limit of 10 Mbit/s active on our server input side. Please use a lower resolution/frame rate in your camera settings if this is exceeded.

How do I connect my notebook camera / USB camera ?

We do not support using USB desktop cameras for live streaming. Please use other tools. Some streaming providers, i.e. Facebook Live can access the camera via browser.

How do I activate the time-lapse view ?

Time-lapse requires a separate webcam entry of type “time-lapse”, reading from an image URL (jpg). Or transferring the images via FTP if your camera supports it.

(Reading images directly from the stream is on the development roadmap.)

When do I need the LIVE+ plan ?

If your camera supports H.264 encoding, the LIVE plan is normally sufficient. Other camera codecs require the LIVE+ plan, because transcoding is required before sending the stream to YouTube (i.e. with MJPEG or MxPEG/Mobotix).

Which latency setting do I use in YouTube Live ?

Please refer to:

we recommend using the “normal” latency setting.

How can I add my logo to the stream ?

There is no interface (yet), but you can send us the logo by email (as PNG if you need a transparent background). And where you want it placed.

This requires the transcoding (LIVE+) plan.