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Recommended cameras

Camera style

We recommend using IP cameras (network cameras) for live streaming and time-lapse usage.

An alternative would be CCTV/network recorder systems or custom build raspberry PI cameras etc, but these are hard to setup and getting streams and images from the system might not be possible.


Recommended brands: hikvision, axis, mobotix.

Technical data

For live streaming we recommend H.264 video encoding support. Also supported: mjpeg, Mobotix MxPEG – (requires our LIVE+ plan for transcoding).

I.e. the Hikvision DS-2CD2042 is an inexpensive outdoor camera in bullet-style and including night vision. There are also different models/lenses to support different view angles.


Camera streams encoded with H.265/HEVC should work – H.265+ (plus) most probably not.

This only makes sense if you are very limited on bandwidth (and also need a very high resolution) as we need to transcode to H.264 for YouTube Live. Transcoding requires the more expensive LIVE+ plan. So recommendation is to turn your camera stream to H.264 and use our “copy” (transcoding off) mode.

Please test that the stream transcoding is really stable (free 7-day trial or contact us).