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Automatic export to YouTube

With the automatic export, rendered time-lapse videos for your webcam are sent to your YouTube® channel automatically.

This enables you to create a daily updating playlist for each of your webcams for archiving and to embed the YouTube playlist on your website.

Step 1: Authorize YouTube access

To upload to YouTube, our servers need your permission (you can revoke permissions at any time in your privacy settings in YouTube).

Go to your Dashboard -> Integrations and click the Authorize/Re-Authorize button in the YouTube section.


  • Please re-authorize, if you already used the YouTube upload from – we changed the permissions.
  • To use playlists we need the account manage privileges, the upload permission is not enough.

Step 2: enable the upload

To enable automatic upload for one of your webcams, edit the webcam from the Dashboard -> Webcams list, go to Export section as shown in the screenshot below, and enable the uploads and playlist names you like.

export settings

Non-existing playlists will be created.

Step 3: perform upload test (optional)

Go one of your webcam pages.

The same button is available on the clips pages for your webcams. Create a Video Clip.

Your video should appear in your YouTube channel after a few minutes. Videos (and also the playlists if created new) will be set to private for private webcams.

Step 4: embed the playlist into your website

In YouTube: Go to your playlist in the left menu bar, click Share -> Embed and copy the HTML code for the iframe. Paste it into your website code. Done.

This is an example of the embedded turtle cam playlist:

If you enabled the automatic upload in Step 2, a new videos will be added around midnight each day.