With time-lapse clips you can create great time-lapse recordings of your location to show to your site visitors.

Creating clips is also useful to preserve a part of the day and share the clip page on social networks. They are not deleted, so links remain accessible.

Clips are visible in a box on your webcams page and also in the public clips section.

To create a clip for your own webcam, pause the time-lapse view playback and use the clip buttons:

create a time lapse clip

Navigate around by using the skip image buttons, then mark in and out and press create clip. Then check out the resulting turtle clip ;)

After creating the clip, rendered video files (mp4/webm/ogg) are available within a few minutes on the clip page (wait a moment and reload the page).

export time lapse clip

You can upload a clip to YouTube with a single click from the clip page, if you already set up the YouTube integration.


  • Creating clips works for your own webcam only.
  • Clips created from private webcams are not listed anywhere on our site. Uploaded YouTube videos are set to ‘private’ automatically.
  • You can create clips up to 1 day long now (we are working on export for the week/month/year ranges).
  • The clip frame rate (fps) and name can be changed later and the video is recreated.